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We are developing the world's smallest and lightest optical payload for earth observation. Eon Space Labs uses indigenous technology to capture high-resolution images using a smaller size, weight, and power (SWaP) design factor. 



  • Our unique miniaturized optical imagery payload that is ideally suited for the 1U cubesat and is a monolithic based design. That means no moving parts, no alignment required and more life span.

  • DEGA has been designed to provide 15m GSD @ 500Km (LEO) with 1.4 degree field of view. It weighs less than 200gm.

  • There is a drone and UAVs version of DEGA that is even lighter in weight.

tuniga 2.png


  • TUNIGA is a RC design with corrector lens which allows to have the wider usable FOV.

  • The prototype has a 4m GSD at 500km (LEO). It weighs less than 900gms.

  • It has 1.2 degree field of view. It is ideally suited for 2U and larger CubeSats.


We work very closely with the customers to understand their mission requirements and provide the most satisfactory imaging payload, customized specifically for them.

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